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I first met Pippa at the Durban leg of the Pink Party Workshop in August this year. She is the owner of Wildeflower, a boutique floral design company. In this Feature Friday, we chat to Pippa about her floral obsession, wedding bouquets and why flowers cost what they do!

Tell us more about Wildeflower and how it all started.
I am a qualified dietitian and last year I was working at a hospital about 1hr inland from Pietermaritzberg. During the year I started seriously thinking about working with flowers. As a little girl I loved frolicking in my parent’s garden on the farm. It was huge and filled with roses, Forget-Me-Nots, foxgloves, irises, hydrangea, freesias and other blooms. My aunt taught me how to arrange flowers when I was about 10 years old at her son’s weddings. Then during my third year at varsity, one of my friend’s asked me to do her wedding and I absolutely loved doing it. So naturally flowers has always been a love of mine. I took the leap and in January and started working with flowers and Wildeflower was born in July this year. It has been an absolute joy!

What is your absolute must have in a wedding bouquet?
The bride’s favorite flower! One of the highlights and most important thing for me working with brides, is getting to know them and their fiance’s and families as much as possible so I can create a dream wedding for them, and make sure the flower choice is what they absolutely love! I love different, so I don’t feel there are any rule to follow, but to allow the bride and groom to follow their hearts for their special day.

What do you want to see more of when it comes to creative flowers arrangements?
I absolutely love large floral installations. Whether it be huge hanging installations cascading with foliage and flowers, floral arches of flower walls. They bring challenges because their construction needs to be stable but hidden, and the creativity is endless.

Can you tell us a little bit more about why flowers cost what they do?
Flowers are not cheap, they are a luxury. They are often grown in green houses that are highly mechanized, take consistent watering and fertilization and it’s a highly labor intensive industry as all flowers are cut and packaged by hand because they are delicate. By the time the get to the market where I buy the flowers they have been transported hundreds of kilometers and gone through months of growing processes. Thereafter, I transport them to the venue, have people helping to arrange as well and breakdown after the wedding. For a simple wedding of just flowers and some decor, it takes me about 9 days; 3 days are flower arranging, and 6 are planning the flowers, placing orders, meeting with the bride etc.

Any advice for future brides?
As a wedding planning I often get the privilege of being with the couple from the beginning. So my first advice to them is to look at budget. All brides and couple have an ideal picture of what they want their wedding to look like and what type of photographers they want etc. However, they don’t understand the full cost to have all those elements and get a big fright later down the line. Look at your budget and your dream and be realistic about what you can fit into it.

We all have budgets so make a list of priorities, and spend the most money on what’s higher on your priority list, and less on what’s not as important to you. Secondly, keep the main thing the main thing. It’s about you two, the love you have for each other and the forever commitment you are making to each other. Planning a wedding is a big deal and it can get overwhelming, so keep focused and have time together where you don’t discuss wedding thing.

Pippa and her hubby have recently relocated to Cape Town, but you can find her right HERE!
Be sure to also follow Wildeflower on Facebook and Instagram to see what Pippa and her green fingers get up to!

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