08 APRIL 2017

My oldest memories of Keith & Heidi take me back to school. I grew up with Heidi’s daughter and spent countless days in their home. After 13 years of being together, Keith finally popped the question. When I got the call from Heidi to ask if I was available to be their photographer for the special day, I didn’t expect it but was SO excited!

They are such special people and seeing all the friends and family travel from across the globe to witness them promise their love to each other is a testament to that!

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Service Providers:
Venue: Camp Orchards
Hair: Rock Your Hair
Cake: Blondies & Brownies
Decor: Surreal Eventing
Cake: DG Creations
Catering: Andrew Draper
Pianist: Chloe-ann Clark
DJ: David Yapp
Brides Dress: Madelain Clark

Created by Angie VDH | May 3, 2017 | Albums, Portfolio Related, WEDDING
About The Author

Angie VDH

Ang started her photography journey in 2012 when she was handed a camera to take some social snaps at a function and was hooked from then! Photography was something that had been in her life from a young age, with her great aunt being a member of the PSSA. Ang spent a few months with her aunt where she developed her skills and practiced photography as a hobby. After gaining some confidence she decided that this was definitely a path she wanted to take as a career and started investing in her camera gear and short courses whenever she could. In 2014 she took a leap of faith and photographed her first wedding and has never looked back since. Her photography business has slowly started to gain momentum and everything she does, she does with love.

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