29 APRIL 2017

Kirsty & Calvin have been in each other’s lives since Primary school. The romance only started the year after Calvin matriculated. Bumping into each other at a local night club, they started chatting…and that was the first take of what was going to be a very interesting journey.

After their second attempt at a relationship, Kirsty went off to do her community service year and thereafter to PMB… that’s when the messages and Facebook friends requests suddenly stopped. While in Pietermaritzburg Kirst would travel to Durban to see her parents most weekends. On one particular visit, Kirsty and her family went to a local market and much to her surprise they see Calvin! She spent the whole time at the market avoiding him and Murphy’s law walked smack BAM into his parents! She was shocked that he had moved on with his life and had grown and matured so much (don’t tell Calvin, but she actually fell for him all over again right there and then)!
After seeing him she expected the usual routine of a message or Facebook friend request… but for months there was nothing! She finally caved a few months later and sent him the first message. They worked on building the friendship back up first and in June 2014 he went all old school and asked her to be his girlfriend! So as the saying goes… third time lucky!

And their luck didn’t end there! After a 7 year attempt at a relationship, their “official” 1 and a half year anniversary was coming up and Calvin decided to take them away. Every month on their anniversary, they would take turns to plan a secret date night, so Kirst thought nothing of it when Calvin was secretive over his plans! Leading up to their romantic escape, Calvin would give Kirst little clue to what he had planned. The last clue was a giraffe notepad. Anyone who knows Kirst will know that she’s OBSESSED with giraffes! Overcome with the excitement that her weekend included giraffes, she almost missed that they were heading to Rain Farm Game Lodge. Calvin went out of his way to make the weekend special and had planned out a whole day of activities for them the next day. Ironically, Kirst admitted that her ultimate dream would be to get engaged among the giraffes and joked that Calvin would have to bring her back there!

They got up early the next day for the game drive and were the only people on the drive, but Kirst thought nothing of it because it was raining. Stocked with blankets and a picnic basket, off they went to find giraffes! It wasn’t long until they spotted a family and the ranger asked if they would like to get out of the van for a photo. Kirst was not keen on doing this in the rain and needs some prompting from Calvin. They took a few pics and as Kirst turned back to the warmth of the dry van, Calvin called her.

“I turned around and there he was on one knee! I was so shocked,
for the first time in my life I was completely speechless!”

~Kirsty Price

The first thing that crossed her mind was that Calvin promised that he would propose with their families with them. They have a very strong family bond and although being blown away with the effort Calvin had put into the weekend, there was a bittersweet moment realising that they didn’t even have signal to tell them all! Making their way back to the lodge floating on cloud 9, as Kirsty turned the corner to head for the restaurant, she just heard shouts! Standing there in the middle of the room was every single person they both loved & treasured! Thier families made the effort to come from all corners of SA to celebrate with them!

And that is the beginning of their beautiful journey to becoming husband and wife!

I left their wedding night feeling like a part of their family! They love they have for each other is undeniable!
Here are a few of my favorite moments of thier special day…

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