For Every Moment

  • This is Amber! Amber has a incredible personality and always has me bent over with laughter! This is also her signature pose! I can't get enough of this little terror!
  • There is no greater love than a Mothers! Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful woman I've had the pleasure of working with!
  • This is exactly the feeling I have... The heavy rains last week in #Durban tripped my computer... in the process blowing my motherboard. Now I'm just sitting around waiting for the new one to arrive.
  • You know things get serious when you loose a shoe mid-shoot 😂 I love this kid!
#WithLoveAng #ForEveryMoment #Durban #DurbanPhotographer #Family
  • Really been feeling the black and white vibes again! Go check my stories for some shots of this past weekend!
  • Have you ever seen a happier bride! 😍 Ionè's smile is infectious! What a beautiful day! ❤.
#WithLoveAng #ForEveryMoment #Durban #DurbanPhotographer #Wedding #Bride